UX/UI designer for Vodafone New Zealand
I‘m a Product/UX/UI Designer with solid experience conceptualising and crafting digital products. Working in product strategy, research, facilitation and prototyping with a solid background in interface design.
Digital designer, UI/UX Designer, HTML5 Banners, eDM design and build, website designs
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UX/UI designer for Vodafone New Zealand

About This Project

I started working with Vodafone as a UX/UI designer in December 2020. Vodafone have set up the DX (Digital experience) program to facilitate this change in their business model. DX is made up of multiple squads, each concentrating on different parts of the business.

I was first brought into work within the Transition squad. A team responsible for transitioning the current customer base onto the new business model. Currently users can have multiple accounts, operating as separate web applications, with different and often disjointed user experiences. E.g. one account for broadband and one for their mobile plan.

My job responsibilities included mapping out user journeys to transition the customer account/s onto the new web platform and App. Within these journeys we looked at creating as little friction as possible for the customer. This was done by providing information and benefits on the change and what it meant for them as a customer. For the re-onboarding process, where they have to provide their details for setting up their new account, they are given cost incentives and attractive new plan recommendations for retention of their business.

I was then moved into supporting the Home Broadband and Mobile squads, as well as the Business team. Here I worked closely with Business Analysts and Product Owners on user flows, scenarios and journeys for the buy process of broadband and mobile plans, as well as devices.

During these projects I was involved in UX/UI design and screen architecture for the following:

  • Discovery pages
  • Broadband configure and setup
  • Device, accessory and add-on pages, with configure options
  • Interest free payment and purchase outright pathways
  • Credit checking scenarios
  • Cart configuration
  • Payment pathways
  • Account setup
  • Notification methods
  • Happy and unhappy paths

Day to day responsibilities include:

  • Building high level user paths and flows
  • Presenting work at stakeholder meetings
  • Building Hifi prototypes
  • Design alignment throughout the various squads
  • Presenting work to the UX chapter
  • UI/UX design
  • Information architecture
  • Design library alignment within the Atomic design method.
UX/UI Design