Multi policy insurance onboarding design
I‘m a Product/UX/UI Designer with solid experience conceptualising and crafting digital products. Working in product strategy, research, facilitation and prototyping with a solid background in interface design.
Digital designer, UI/UX Designer, HTML5 Banners, eDM design and build, website designs
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Multi policy insurance onboarding design

About This Project

I was contracted as a UX designer to work on a multi-policy insurance onboarding journey for one of DAN’s banking clients. On this project I worked alongside the project manager and experience strategist. Due to confidentiality agreements, I cannot show any samples of my work.

Research, Journey Mapping and User Flows

Some user testing and research had already been done on a single product insurance onboarding journey, so firstly my job was to get up to speed & immerse myself in the findings from this initial project. From that point, I could start looking at developing the multi policy insurance journey. I also took part in workshops to understand and start developing the user journey. This consisted of studying the product requirements, diagramming, journey mapping, user flows and hand drawing out wireframes.

Low-fi wire framing and prototyping

From here, I started developing low-fi wireframes in Sketch, which were then iterated on until finalised. While designing the prototype I had to be mindful of using design patterns already established within the ANZ library. This was not too restrictive, as the project did allow for new patterns and components to be developed if they previously didn’t exist and answered a solution, or could improve on a previous established pattern. Once these designs were workshopped and iterations finalised, I then brought the Sketch files into Invision and developed the clickable prototype.

User testing

The next step was my involvement in user testing. This consisted of users coming into the agency to go through and use the prototype. The participants were asked questions regarding their needs and requirements. They were then given a specific scenario and told to go through the prototype. While doing this, the users were asked to describe their experience, along with any likes and dislikes during the journey. The sessions were recorded inside the research lab and viewed live within a separate viewing room, where members of the team, myself and client stakeholders would be present. During this process, we would write down our insights onto post-it notes. Once the process was complete, we would then place the post-its onto flip charts and cluster the findings into patterns. From these findings, insights and analysis, I would then iterate design patterns and user flows on the existing Sketch files to present back to stakeholders. These would then be used for the next round of user testing.

Mobile and responsive pattern design

I was also tasked with building in Sketch, any mobile components that contained new patterns that I had previously developed. The summary page presented a unique challenge. The user arrives at this page on the end of the onboarding journey for their insurance choice. The car insurance summary contains a comparison tool where the user can select one of the three insurance categories, compare the cost and look at what each one offers or doesn’t. The information is displayed in a table and on the desktop the user can see all 3 category comparisons at one glance. The challenge was to make this work on a mobile and have the tool work effectively within the screen restraints. With a few design variants explored, I arrived at a horizontal scroll solution, where the user can select a category and still see at least 2 columns of comparison displayed on screen at one time. They could then swipe left or right to view the third column.

UX/UI Design