– designing a product fulfilment journey portal
I‘m a Product/UX/UI Designer with solid experience conceptualising and crafting digital products. Working in product strategy, research, facilitation and prototyping with a solid background in interface design.
Digital designer, UI/UX Designer, HTML5 Banners, eDM design and build, website designs
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About This Project

This was a 7 week contract where my job description was developing and designing a product fulfilment journey portal to add onto the existing website. The current process was being done over the phone, taking up too much human resource and being done at great expense. This project involved analysing and researching the process alongside the main stakeholders. Each different product required a questionnaire to gather key information and assets. Through these a business profile was created. Once this process was complete, the user then went on to the product specific questions. These were required to finalise the product purchase journey and publish the marketing campaign. The user also needed to be able to log back into the portal to review and manage their profile and product packages.

View website process HERE

Design programs used:
• Sketch/Invision/Zeplin/Lucid charts and Adobe creative suite


Project responsibilities:

At the beginning of the project I did some research into how other companies websites went about questionnaire processes and user flows. Examples were researched and presented to stakeholders, looking specifically at how some of these ideas could help with the yellow application.

User flows and information analysis
Flow charts were created to map out the user journey involving the questionnaires and asset gathering. Meetings were held with product managers, as well as data analysis and research on spreadsheets that held all the product gathering information. Each product questions were visually mapped out to gain a big picture on process and common questions within each category. We required the question process for the user to be as easy as possible. For instance if multiple products were being purchased at the same time, then questions common within the products would only need be answered once, the same applied to any assets that were required.

Wireframes and Prototypes
Lo-fi Wireframes were built and set to establish the layout, question flow, functionality and structure of the portal. These went through numerous iterations to establish what the product owners were looking for in usability and functionality. Responsive patterns were developed once this was all worked out. Working prototypes were developed in InVision and then presented in key meetings to display user flow and interactions.

UX/UI Design